About the founder


Melissa Omar




You are about to embark on a beautiful journey and, within a few short months, you will be well on your way to potentially discovering your souls' purpose of becoming a certified as a Meditation Teacher, and Holistic counselling skills for meditation teachers with the option of ongoing studies to become certified to offer a number of Holistic counselling services.


At Inspire Holistic Training college we are passionate about helping you reach your goals. We endeavour to support you throughout your journey, offering ongoing support whether you choose our online or face-to-face option.


We are here to help you succeed.


Our team is dedicated to ensuring you feel supported throughout your journey, so you can complete this course with confidence.


Melissa Omar

My passion for guiding others toward their own empowerment and following my souls' purpose into the world of holistic health and wellbeing, has led me to study a variety of different courses and becoming certified in fitness and personal training, yoga instructor, holistic integrated health practitioner, and much more.

I am inspired by people who want to heal, not only themselves but also those who surround them, leading me to open my own yoga and fitness studio, along side the college. I care deeply about my life's goal, which is to inspire and guide others, providing them with the tools which enable them to become the best possible version of themselves.



My passion is to help you realize your passion,
where you can live your best possible life.



Our Team

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Karen Sawtell

Advanced Brain Body Medicine Practitioner, Holistic Counsellor, Remedial Massage and Beauty Therapist and Reiki Master.

Kaz is a passionate and experienced educator working with all ages and abilities in high schools, community centres, juvenile justice centres and private colleges supporting and guiding individuals through varied courses. 

Originally a trainer of the Diploma of Beauty therapy, Massage, Community Services, Foundation Skills and Hospitality, and now one of the trainers here at Inspire Holistic Training College.

Kaz has a clinic supporting clients both face to face and online as an Advanced Brain Body Medicine Practitioner, Holistic Counsellor, Remedial Massage and Beauty Therapist and Reiki Master.


Lisa Rudd

Holistic Counsellor and Meditation Teacher

Lisa is a Meditation Teacher, Sound Healing Therapist and Holistic Counsellor.

Lisa's soul purpose in life is to help people Heal and find their purpose to enable them to live their best lives. 

Through Lisa's own spiritual journey, she has discovered a deep passion for meditation and all the added benefits that it brings to healing the mind body and soul. 

Lisa has established a beautiful clinic located in the heart of Camden where she is very valued. Lisa runs Intuitive Meditation, Sound Healing sessions and Counselling clients, specialising in teens and adults.