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Certificate Level 12 week Intensive Training Course


Professional Meditation

Holistic Counsellor

Life Coach

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On completion of this Certificate Level 12 week Intensive Training Course, you will be qualified to work as a

  • Professional Meditation Teacher
  • Holistic Counsellor
  • Life Coach.

You will be able to work for yourself teaching

  • Meditation,
  • Chair yoga and
  • Positive life skills
    in the community to groups and individuals and in the corporate sector as a stress management consultant. You will also be able to provide holistic counselling services. You may also seek employment, if you wish, in holistic healthcare centres, wellbeing clinics, health clubs, natural therapies centres, retreats, gymnasiums, respite centres and community centres as well as several other areas that seek to employ qualified holistic therapists with a focus on meditation therapy and positive self-development.On completion, you will have the skills, qualifications and confidence to develop a solid general holistic wellbeing practice and you will have ongoing practitioner support to assist you in successfully developing your practice.

    You will be able to register for full membership with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists, the International Meditation Teachers Association and the Complementary Medical Association as well as with the International Meditation Teacher Trainers Association.

    This training course is among the most highly accredited meditation teacher and holistic counsellors training course in the world, and you will also be able to obtain professional insurance.

PLEASE NOTE: Course fees in full or first instalments of payment plans must be paid on enrolment. Enrolment fees, course fees and part course fees paid are non-refundable. Please see enrolment form for further terms and conditions. We also suggest that our students read our website terms and conditions.

Includes one full year of IMTTA Practitioner Registration FREE
Limited positions – this course typically fills quickly so please enrol soon to guarantee your spot.

Graduates will receive the IMTTA Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development and are entitled to use the letters Cert.Med.Hol.Couns. (IMTTA)

This course includes:

Certificate of Meditation Teaching

Certificate in Chair Yoga Instruction

Certificate in Holistic Counselling and Life Coaching

You can choose to complete further postgraduate courses after graduating from the Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development, as standalone short courses if you wish. Completion of an additional four postgraduate courses after finishing your Certificate course will elevate your qualification to the Diploma of Meditation Therapy and Holistic Counselling.

Practitioner Registration

All graduates receive an invitation to join the International Meditation Teachers & Therapists Association (IMTTA) FREE for the first year, as a registered IMTTA Practitioner.

The IMTTA will provide you with resources, support and guidance to assist you with starting and successfully establishing your new holistic practice. (You can re-register each year after the first free year expires at $220 per year if you wish to receive continuing support and assistance.) You will receive your invitation to join the IMTTA free when you graduate from your training course (Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development) and can start working in your exciting new career immediately even if you plan to continue studying, through postgraduate courses, to achieve your Diploma, Advanced Diploma, or Masters in Holistic Counselling.

IMTTA Practitioner Registration Includes:

Unlimited access to your assigned Business Mentor via telephone and email whenever you need it. So, while you work for yourself, you never have to go it alone. You will be able to access support and advice in all matters relating to your business, be it small business management, marketing, teaching, counselling, dealing with difficult clients or just providing a sounding board or brainstorming partner and motivation when you need it.

We will provide you with an extensive range of resources, opportunities and support to help you start and successfully run your own holistic wellbeing business with all materials supplied digitally for your convenience.

As an IMTTA Practitioner Member, you will have access to an exclusive online members dashboard where you can receive ongoing training (if you wish to participate), news and information to keep you informed and up to date in your industry. Also, a members Facebook page where you can network with other practitioners and gain knowledge, ideas and inspiration to help you develop both professionally and personally.

You will also be able to show the IMTTA Professional Members logo, receive a certificate of membership to display and be listed on the IMTTA members directory to help guide potential students and clients to your business.

Course Modules

  • Studies in Chair Yoga,
  • Holistic Counselling
  • Meditation Techniques
    are a core component throughout all course modules.

Module One

  • Foundation Studies in Meditation
  • History and Theory of Meditation
  • Developing Meditation routines
  • Deepening and refining your practice

Module Two

  • Stress; Understanding Cause & Effect
  • Understanding stress
  • Physiological responses to stress
  • Psychological causes of stress.

Module Three

  • Foundations of Human Happiness
  • The psychology of happiness
  • Subconscious programming and reprogramming
  • States of mind & Fundamentals of self-image.

Module Four

  •  Tools for Healing
  • Tools for healing
  • Positive thinking skills
  • Foundations of Mind-Body Medicine
  • Meditation as a healing tool & Hypnotic states.
  • Module Five
  • Meditation Styles and Techniques
  • Poses and positions
  • Breathwork
  • Chakras and energy Meditations
  • Guided Meditations & visualisation
  • Mantras and affirmations in Meditation.
  • Module Six
  • Teaching
  • Talking to groups & Group leadership skills
  • Answering questions about Meditation Leading guided Meditations
  • Overcoming obstacles to Meditation practice
  • Creating safe and effective teaching environments.
  • Module Seven
  • Working with Specific Groups
  • Teenagers
  • People with disabilities
  • Health care professionals & business clients
  • Difficult clients.
  • Module Eight
  • Counselling & Coaching Skills
  • Client-centred approach
  • Active listening skills
  • Identifying obstacles
  • Case studies
  • Module Nine
  • Running Classes and Workshops
  • Basic Meditation
  • The IMTTA Course (Meditation, Stress
  • Management & Personal Development Combination)
  • IMTTA Teen Program (Meditation for Teenagers)
  • Choosing Venues.
  • Module Ten
  •  Corporate and Community Settings
  • Corporate stress management and relaxation workshops
  • Approaching community groups and organisations
  • Volunteer and community work.
  • Module Eleven
  • Small Business Management
  • Ethics and Professionalism
  • Your public profile
  • Fundamentals of customer service
  • Maintaining student/client records
  • Charging for your services
  • Running a small home office.
  • Module Twelve
  •  Marketing; The key to success
  • Understanding the power of branding
  • Targeted marketing and advertising
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